Visits to the Sick

If home bound, please call the rectory. It is necessary to inform the rectory when a parishioner is admitted to the hospital and would like a visit from Fr. Noesen.

Weekly visits are made to Morris Hospital.

Prayer List for the Sick Policy

Each week, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish sets aside a special  section of its Sunday bulletin for prayers for the ill and infirm. These people ask for our prayers, and we ask that you pray for them daily. Many of these names have been on our parish list for years. To assist in keeping this list updated, the following policy will be put in place:

"Due to privacy laws, the individual or an immediate family member must request the prayers of our parish community. We cannot publish names of friends or extended family members without consent from the individual or immediate family members. We also want to ensure that our prayer list is always up-to-date.  Therefore, since the parish office is not always advised on the health status of those we pray for, all names must be renewed every two months by calling the parish office."