10 Ways to live out the Faith as a Catholic…

[1] Participate in Mass — To promote a personal encounter with Jesus ~ This occurs most especially in the Eucharist. Mass attendance strengthens one’s faith. Consider Eucharistic Adoration in Our Mother of the Eucharist Chapel.

[2] Go to Confession — Like going to Mass, Catholics find strength and grow deeper in their faith through participation in the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. Confession urges people to turn back to God, express sorrow for sin, and open their lives to the power of God’s healing grace.

[3] Learn about the lives of the saints — The saints are timeless examples of how to live a Christian life, they provide endless hope, and they show us that holiness is possible for all of us, no matter our circumstance in life.

[4] Read the Bible daily — Scripture offers first-hand access to the Word of God and tells the story of salvation. Reading the Bible is a “must” in order to grow in holiness and discipleship. Obtain and read a Catholic Bible. Consider joining our Parish Bible Study.

[5] Read the documents of Vatican II — To live the Catholic Faith you have to KNOW it. There aren’t a hundred people in this Country that hate the Catholic Church. But, there are a great number of people who hate what they believe the Catholic Church to be.

[6] Study the Catechism of the Catholic Church — published 30 years after the start of the Council, The Catechism of the Catholic Church covers the beliefs, moral teachings, prayer and sacraments of the Catholic Church in one volume. To live the Catholic Faith you have to KNOW it.

[7] Volunteer in the Parish — Faith has to be seen in action. Study isn’t enough. The solid grounding of the Scriptures, the Council and the Catechism must translate into action. DO something to become more involved in the parish. Do ONE thing more than you did last year to put faith into action.

[8] Help those in need — Donate to charity and volunteer to help the poor. In doing that, you personally encounter Christ in the poor and vulnerable among us. Helping others brings us face-to-face with Christ, and gives good example.

[9] Invite a friend to Mass — Be an ambassador for Christ. Invite someone who has been away from the Church to return. Share with them the cause of your joy, what you have found in the living out of your faith [10] Incorporate the Beatitudes into daily life — Read Matthew 5:3-12. They provide a rich blueprint for Christian Living. Their wisdom helps us to grow in holiness.