January 1, 2019

Memorial Gift Book at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish

For the past several years we have been engaged in a major campaign to renovate and expand our church, which has been a centerpiece of the parish and town of Coal City for more than 125 years. I want to thank you for your stewardship --- your gifts of time, talent, and treasure to make our dream a reality.  We have a beautiful church which Bishop Siegel re-dedicated in November, 2017.

Each financial gift is a response of faith, a gift of love, and sacrifice offered for the Lord. What a blessing! Without your financial contributions, pledges and memorials, this church building, this sacrificial gift of the praise to the glory of God,   would not have been possible. I thank you for all that you have done to help us get to where we are today.

To show appreciation for each donor, the parish will install a permanent Bronze Memorial Gifts Book, to be hung in the narthex of the church. This permanent Memorial will list the donors of the Church Building Campaign.

In the near future, I will share with you a “first look,” and draft of the Memorial Book. Each donor will be listed under a specific category of givers.

  • Archangel ~ For donors who gave $50,000 or more.
  • Seraphim Angel ~ For donors who gave $10,000 or more.
  • Cherubim Angel ~ For donors who gave $5000 or more.
  • Throne Angel ~ For donors who gave $2500 or more.
  • Host of Heaven Angel ~ For donors who gave $1000 or more
  • Guardian Angel ~ For donors who gave $100 or more.

To get started on this project, I will need to know if you DO NOT WANT your name printed in the Memorial Book. Some of you may want to remain anonymous. I will need to know this information by Springtime. At that time a “sample” of the Memorial Gift Book will be sent out to all parishioners. I will need to know your preference, if you want your name in the Book or not. Please contact the Parish Office if you DO NOT want your name listed in the permanent memorial.

The project has incurred a parish debt of close to $796,000. Each month we are expected to pay $4,205 which pays on the debt as well as interest payments on the loan which was taken at 4%. For those of you who have not contributed, I would encourage you to do something to be part of this historic moment in our parish’s history.  Your contribution is truly needed. It will enable us to pay down the debt. With gratitude to those who have contributed to the project, I would encourage you to continue paying on your pledge.  If you have paid-up your pledge, or made a one-time gift, consider continuing to pay on your pledge, or make another contribution to help us retire the debt as soon as possible.

Memorials that still need Donors:

  • Ambry to hold the Holy Oils (to be placed near the Baptismal Font). $40,000
  • Main Italian Wood/painted Crucifix in Sanctuary ~ $40,000
  • Confessional $65,000
  • Main Altar of Sacrifice $65,000
  • Artistic painting on the ceiling. Memorial amount T.B.D.
  • Six Wood carved over-door panels with spiritual quotes from the Saints $15,000 for all of the doors
  • Four new stained glass windows for the north and south walls of the church in the new addition to the church. $65,000 each window
  • New Church Organ T.B.D.
  • Outdoor Brick and Stone Parish Sign  T.B.D.
  • Refurbish and reinstall 1892 Church bell T.B.D.

If you wish to take a Memorial to one of the items below please contact me at the Parish Office. Memorials can be taken by an individual or a few individuals. Memorials can be dedicated to the living or the dead. Memorials not only pay for the item but also provide additional income to pay down the debt on the entire project.

I encourage everyone to also keep Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in mind when making out your Will and in doing your Estate Planning. A few have done this for the parish in the past and without their generosity we would not have been able to have the Church we have today.  Remembering the Church is a beautiful and fitting way to make a lasting memorial statement of faith for future generations.                                       

God bless all our efforts to show our love and praise of Him,

Father Noesen