Assumption Building Campaign Corner

The Mass of Dedication for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Parish in Coal City was held Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 at 4 p.m.

After more than a decade of fundraising and planning, and well over a year of construction, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church on 195 S. Kankakee St. in Coal City, IL has reopened its doors.

The newly renovated and greatly expanded building was dedicated on Nov. 18, during the 4 p.m. mass, with the Most Reverend Joseph M. Siegel, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Joliet, presiding.

“It was very important to the history of the parish to preserve the original church, a building over 120 years old. The doors of our church have, and continue to be, open to all parishioners, visiting Catholics, and vacationers in need of mass and the Sacraments. Non-Catholics are welcome to hear the gospel message,” said Father Robert Noesen, pastor of Assumption.

With heartfelt gratitude and joy, Father Noesen and the parishioners of Assumption give thanks to Almighty God for all He has done for them..

07/17/16 - What Does A Church Building Mean?
 --by Denis McNamara
A church building is first and foremost an image of Christ and His Mystical Body, with all that this claim implies.
In the Old Testament, the Temple was a symbolic building composed of stones quarried by priests, which formed the place where God dwelt with His people. Its interior was of mythical time and space, an image of the glorified earth, and even heaven itself. In the New Testament, the Christian community is called “God’s  building” because the people are now members of the 
Mystical Body of Christ, 
the place where God dwells 
with humanity.
The church building, then, is a sacrament of God reconciled with humanity, as the Catechism tells us (No. 1180). It is made up of many members, such as bricks, stones, and steel beams, all arranged within an eschatological glory to provide a place where God dwells with humanity. Just as we say the altar “is” Christ, so we can say that the church building is a great sacrament of Christ’s many members assembled in their heavenly glory. Just like the heavenly liturgy, the church building is centered on Christ, glorified, perfected, filled with angels and saints, radiant with light and an image of the new heaven and new earth.
Traditionally designed church buildings are generally made up of two primary parts: sanctuary and nave. The sanctuary is the architectural and artistic image of heaven, which explains why the altar and tabernacle are usually located there, and the rear wall of the apse is traditionally the place of a great liturgical image of Christ in glory. The nave is the image of the restored earth, no longer subject to the effects of the Fall. Together they form a unit where heaven and earth “kiss” at the point where the nave and sanctuary meet, just as a priest reaches across from sanctuary to nave to distribute communion — the moment when God and human beings “kiss” in intimate union. So if you look at a             well-ornamented church, it is very common to see plant motifs all around in sculpture and paintings, indicating the restored earth....
The job of the liturgical artist is to use the matter of creation — paint, stone, go ld, glass, whatever — to reveal the “heavenly realities.” ... So the artist’s job is to use matter to reveal and make present the heavenly realities.... I think we are on the verge of the time when people will take the sacramental role of art much more seriously. It is really a great time to be building churches! We should thank God that we are the inheritors of the great scholars of the Liturgical Movement and the insights of the Council. 

Let us pray for our Building Campaign:

God our Father, giver of all gifts, humbly we ask the intercession
of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the patron Saint of our Parish.

You chose Her  to be the Mother of Your Son and our Mother as well.
May You ask Her to watch over us  and our Building Campaign.

Through Her prayers, may our needs  be provided for, and our projects
in the Campaign be brought to completion in accordance with Your Divine Will.

Inspire a spirit of generosity and sacrifice in the hearts of all our parishioners.

May all we do build up our Parish Family of Faith,
bring honor to Your Holy Catholic Church, and give You glory.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

O Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us…That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ!