Parish Center Progress - September 15, 2013

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September 19 - September 26, 2016


Week 8 was a very busy week.  It began with forming around all the pads for each support pier.  These are the wooden piers you see holding up the Church floor.  The old pad was encased with a new poured pad with at least 3” covering for top and sides.  The crawl dirt floor was also covered with a slurry concrete mix.  

In addition the asbestos flooring was removed down to the original oak floor.  The asbestos “green” roof tile was removed from the body of the Church… including the tower. 

And…the NE and SE corner buttresses were removed (see movie on our website).  These were removed so we can dig and form for a new concrete pad to support the new corner that will be in the same place.  The difference is the new wall (addition) will extend “out” North and South 

Week 8 - Completed

  • Abate and remove asbestos contaminated flooring, roof and tower siding.
  • Encase existing concrete pier pads with concrete (70+).
  • Pour concrete slurry coat over dirt crawl space.

Remove both SE and NR corner buttresses’ and pour new footing for new corner.  This is where the addition will begin and extends 20 feet north and south.  

Week 9 – Goal

Dig and form foundation/basement

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