Parish Center Progress - September 15, 2013

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October 15 - October 21, 2017

Week 64

Image-1-A.pngOur Pews arrived in Week 64. Gunder's crew assembled, placed and drilled all 56 pews and will return in Week 65 to them bolt to the floor.  They will also be bringing chairs, fences and kneelers.

In Week 64 we began our Landscaping Project with grading the top soil and cleaning up the perimeter of the parking lot.  Thank you all the volunteers who made this possible. The parking lot looks great!!!

Keep an eye out next time you drive by the church for in Week 65 our precious stained glass windows will be coming home.

No more videos or pictures. Don't want to spoil the surprise.  See you November 18th for the Dedication.

Week 64 - Accomplishments

  • Pews delivered, assembled and placed.
  • Began Landscaping Grading
  • Cleaned and weeded parking lot perimeter

Week 65 - Goal

  • Attach pews to the floor, deliver chairs
  • Install Stained Glass windows
  • Install Backup Generator
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