Parish Center Progress - September 15, 2013

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July 9 - July 15, 2017

WEEK  50

As we end week 50 we are now starting to see the detail and “art” of our project come together.  New tin ceiling tiles have been received and will begin to go up next week.  The Sanctuary and choir platform have been decked and ready for tile and carpet.  Soffits and roof trim work is near completion with the front and tower schedule for next week.  Sacristy and Narthex counter tops have been installed with hardware and trim lined up for next week as well.

Week 51 will be very busy as we begin to see progress with the tin ceiling tile installation as well as tiling the Sanctuary platform.  The HVAC system should be fully online allowing us to maintain a proper environment as we begin to paint and stain.

There are a lot of pictures as well as a fairly lengthy “Project Tour – Week 50” video on our website.

Week 50 – Accomplishments

  • Sanctuary and choir platforms decked and ready for tile/carpet.
  • Bell Tower siding complete.
  • Sacristy counter tops installed.
  • Parking lot paved and ready for striping and lighting.

Week 51 – Goal

  • Begin tiling Sanctuary platform.
  • Begin installing tin ceiling tiles.
  • Install columns for shrines and Sanctuary.
  • HVAC fully on line.

Click the Image Below for all the Photos from This Week.