Parish Center Progress - September 15, 2013

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June 18 - June 24, 2017

WEEK  47

Week 47 was another very productive week.  The Altar and choir platforms have been framed.  Restroom counter tops have been installed.  Walls have been primed and the Altar has its finished color.  Outside “D” construction has been on-site in force with the curbs, drainage, and lighting pads installed and ready for blacktop next week.  You can also see siding work on the bell tower.

There are a lot of pictures as well as a fairly lengthy “Project Tour” video on our website.

Week 47 – Accomplishments

  • Altar and choir platform framed.
  • Begin installing light fixtures.
  • Begin work on Bell Tower.

Week 48 – Goal

  • Begin outside sidewalks.
  • Install plumbing fixtures.
  • Complete parking lot.

Click the Image Below for all the Photos from This Week.