Parish Center Progress - September 15, 2013

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June 11 - June 17, 2017

WEEK  46

Week 45 and 46 brings even more activity inside with all the various trades.  All drywall is installed and primed.  Painting will begin Week 47.  Restrooms are tiled and ready for fixtures and counters next week.  Light fixtures will also begin to go up next week.  Cabinetry has been received and is being installed.  You can see that “D” Construction has begun work on the parking lot which should be completed by the end of Week 47.  Things are starting to fall into place very quickly and it’s looking awesome.

See our Campaign Board in the Berst Hall lobby (East entrance) to see the latest pictures…

Week 45 & 46 – Accomplishments

  • Complete all drywall installation and primed.
  • Floor tile complete in old section.
  • Sacristy cabinets installed.
  • Begin parking lot.
  • Scaffolding installed for Tower work.


Week 47 – Goal

  • Begin Altar platform.
  • Begin work on the bell tower.
  • Begin installing light fixtures and plumbing fixtures.
  • Complete parking lot.

Click the Image Below for all the Photos from This Week.