Parish Center Progress - September 15, 2013

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May 21 - May 27, 2017

WEEK  42-43

A lot of progress had been made over that last 2 weeks.  From the outside you can see our new front door and arched window.  Remember...the stained glass windows will be installed closer to the end of the project.  But it’s on the inside where things are all staring to come together.  All the walls are ready for paint and they have begun work on the flat part of the ceiling starting in the old church and working east.  This flat ceiling will have a very unique look as it will appear to be floating.  Very cool looking.  Check out the video for Week 43 on our web site. 

Week 44 will be a short week where we will continue with the ceiling into the addition as well as over the Altar. 

Week 42 & 43  Accomplishments 

  • Removed front sign
  • Installed new front door
  • Installing handicap ramp railings
  • All walls in old church are ready for paint
  • Begin installing floating ceiling.

Week 44–Goal 

  • Continue with the cloud extension into new addition 
  • Remove two hobbit doors for stripping and refinishing.
  • Continue painting throughout as walls become available
  • Start gutter, soffit and downspouts and fascia wrap.

Click the Image Below for all the Photos from This Week.