Parish Center Progress - September 15, 2013

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April 23 - April 29, 2017


Week 39 was dramatic with regards to the work done.  The Narthex wall has been completely rocked (drywall) on both sides.  Now we can see just how big this space is.  Restrooms and Sacristy area has also been rocked.  All the floor tile has been received.  The only areas with carpet are the Sacristy, Confessional and the choir platform.  That’s a lot of tile.

In Week 40 we will continue with drywall.  Install the steps in the front vestibule and more.

See our Campaign Board in the Berst Hall lobby (East entrance) to see the latest pictures and visit our church website to see weekly photos and videos of our progress…

Week 39 – Accomplishments

  • Complete rocking Narthex wall, Restroom & Sacristy area.
  • All windows have been installed.
  • Flooring installed in Vestibule and Confessional

Week 40 – Goal

  • Complete all drywall except church ceiling.
  • Build steps in Vestibule.
  • Begin construction of alter platform and ramps.

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