Parish Center Progress - September 15, 2013

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March 5 - March 11, 2017


Week 32 was a milestone with the successful “marrying” of the old structure to the new.  The floor between the old and new was set in place as well as the roof.  And everything lined up perfectly with a collective sigh of relief.  Roofers shingled the old structure while the carpenters focused on installing the rest of the rafters on the addition.  Saturday found our carpenters at work decking the new structure so the roofers could finish the roof by week 33.  Concrete floors were poured for the sacristy / restroom area as well as the ramps and steps for the back patio.  Week 33 will be just as busy as they continue with all the trades as well as work on the parking lot

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Week 32 – Completed

  • Roof and floor transition complete
  • Storm drains for parking lot in place and tied into main.
  • Roof complete on old structure.
  • Rafters in place on addition and begin decking.
  • Floor poured for sacristy / restroom section and patio ramps and steps.
  • Brick facing 90% complete

Week 33 – Goal

  • Begin roofing addition.
  • Finish stone facing on patio wall.
  • Construction of Alter.
  • Begin work on parking lot.

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