Parish Center Progress - September 15, 2013

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February 12 - February 18, 2017


So much has been accomplished in the last 2 weeks. The brick facing of the new addition has begun in earnest and you will see that all the steel work has been completed in the church body of the new addition. Rough in plumbing began for the restrooms at the NE corner. You will also not ice that the back patio and handicap ramps are in place. Inside work continues with the installation of the Narthex wall and boxing in those ugly tie-rods. Work has also begun on the front vestibule (entrance) which will be raised by 15 inches (2 steps). 
Week 29 Completed
  • Remove all windows and frames in existing church.
  • Pour walls for back patio and ramps.
  • Begin brick facing.
  • Pour new raised front door threshold.
  • All steel work in church body of new addition.
Week 30 Goal
  • Remove interior wallpaper and plaster down to brick in existing Church.
  • Finish steel joists installation on addition.
  • Begin laying plywood sheathing for new roof.
  • Complete West and South block walls (back of building)
  • Place steel roof girders for back section (Sacristy / Restrooms)
  • Begin installation of storm sewers for parking lot.
  • Begin work on front entrance floor (raised)

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