Parish Center Progress - September 15, 2013

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January 29 - February 4, 2017


We made great progress in Week 27 with the setting of all the roof steel on the addition. There will be more steel beams to come for the back portion of the church that will house the Sacristy, restrooms and basement stairwell.  All utilities are now tapped into the City main and stubbed in the basement (water, sanitary, storm and gas).  A warmer week 28 should see a flurry of activity with major focus on completing the block work on the back part of the addition and setting roof joists on the newly set steel trusses.  Work will also pickup inside the existing structure with the building of the Narthex wall. Visit our church website to see weekly photos, videos and time-lapse of our progress…

Week 27 – Completed

  • Water supply, sanitary (sewer) and storm water lines have all been tapped and stubbed into basement;
  • Footings for the east entrance patio, stairs and handicap ramps completed;
  • Footings and walls for the east and west hobbit door landing/stairs completed;
  • Steel columns, beams and trusses  installed for body of new addition.

Week 28 – Goal

  • Begin building of the Narthex wall;
  • Block work on back east part of the addition (Sacristy /restrooms); 
  • Remove all windows and frames in existing church;
  • Pour walls for back patio and ramps.

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