Parish Center Progress - September 15, 2013

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January 22 - January 28, 2017


We had a very busy and productive week 26.  One of the items completed was the removal of the center flat part of the tin ceiling.  This center area will be finished with drywall.  This flat part of the ceiling will continue into the new addition.  Remaining will be the two angled sides of the ceiling.  Those tiles will be replicated and continue into the new church, wrapping around up to the High Altar.  When we removed the tin ceiling we discovered the original hand painted  plaster ceiling pictured above. Work inside the old church began to pick up with the demolition of the front door and south confessional.  Next week we will begin building the Narthex wall. Visit our church website to see Site Walk videos of this week’s progress…

Week 26 – Completed

  • Continued with masonry block installation threw out the new church structure.
  • Demolition of the south confessional and front door.
  • Install the Sanitary Sewer and Drain tile sewer for the new addition.
  • Start the Fire Sprinkler rough pipe installation in basement and crawl.
  • Install footings and foundation for new larger south Confessional.
  • Install four steel beams and columns at altar area of new building.
  • Remove tin ceiling tile in center portion of existing church. 
  • Pour footings for north and south hobbit door landing/stairs

Week 27 – Goal

  • Install new 4" water main service.
  • Install the footings and foundation wall for the east entrance patio, stairs and handicap ramps.
  • Install foundation walls for north and south hobbit door landing/stairs.
  • Install new "A" line steel roof framing members for the roof structure.
  • Start interior carpentry in the existing church with the building of the Narthex wall. 

Click the Image Below for all the Photos from This Week.