Parish Center Progress - September 15, 2013

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January 15 - January 21, 2017


The main focus for week 25 was to continue with block work. All block work for the body of the church will be completed by early week 26. Finishing out the east end of the addition we poured the foundation walls for the NE corner which is the back wall of the Sacristy and Restrooms.
Week 26 will see the removal of all the windows in the existing church as well as the demolition of the south confessional and the front door. Remember ...the front door will be wider and the threshold and front vestibule floor will be raised about 14 inches (2 steps).  We will also see work in tying in the sewer and sanitary water supply.  The picture above shows the NE corner entrance and the restroom area.
Week 25 – Completed
  • Mechanical and electrical continues.
  • All block walls completed around church part of addition.
  • Foundation poured for NE and SW corner of addition.
Week 26  - Goal
  • Steel columns installed that will support main roof trusses.
  • Sewer and sanitary water installed.
  • Demolition of South confessional and front door.
  • Remove all windows.
  • Begin footings for back patio.


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